Paulette Enterprises: Our Values, Our Mission

  • Paulette Enterprises is a diverse portfolio of businesses and investments that includes publishing, children
 entertainment, music, fashion, fragrance, marketing, film, television, and media properties.

  • Our values: Competitive Greatness: At Paulette Enterprises we believe in being your best when your best
is needed, in other words preparation meets opportunity. Skill: We believe that a knowledge is acquired in 
order to properly and quickly execute the fundamentals. Poise: We believe in being yourself and being at 
ease in any situation or circumstance. Proactive: We believe in being positive and remaining optimistic 
regardless of the outcome. We are always victorious. Teamwork: At Paulette Enterprises there are no big 
I’s and little U’s, each of us has a duty to fill, as we are one, and we represent clarity. Integrity: We believe 
in that having integrity creates respect,  purity of intention, check your heart at the door. Loyalty: We 
believe in being loyal to your values and all of those depending on you. Keep your dignity and self-respect. 
Cooperation: We believe in playing to win, listen if you desire to be heard. Be interested in finding the best
way, not having your own way. Passion: We believe passionate people brush off on others of whom we 
come in contact with. You must truly be enjoy what you do. Reciprocity: We believe that you reap what 
you sow, moderation must be practiced. Dissipation must be eliminated.

Akyrah Paulette: Who Is She & Where does She Come From

Akyrah Larie Paulette (A-kiy-rah) is an American entertainer. Born on August 4, 1999, to 

two hard-working parents, Ayiko Paulette and Rochelle Coker. Ayiko Paulette is a African 

American entrepreneur from in East St Louis, IL and Rochelle Coker is a multiracial office administrator 

worker raised in East St. Louis, IL. Akyrah born in Saint Louis, Missouri, briefly lived in East St. 

Louis, IL to later move back to Saint Louis, MO in her early childhood years. Akyrah had one 

sibling of who was named Miguel Paulette, 17, who is now deceased. 

Akyrah has a passion for performing and the arts ever since she was a small child. She 

has performed in various plays and singing shows such as: Sideways Stories and Hanging of 

the Green. As a child, Akyrah always improvised with her tea party table and television remote 

control to sing and act for her peers and family members as they entered the house. Akyrah 

would often dress up in her mother’s wigs, clothing, and heels and act as if she was Mariah 

Carey or Rihanna. Eventually, her father bought her a  karaoke machine to be able to sing and 

perform for her small audience. One of Akyrah’s long-term goal is to get a star movie role in a 

Oscar-winning film. 


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